Winchester .338 Win Mag Super X, Power Point 200 Grain Box of 20 #X3381

Winchester Repeating Arms

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Since 1922 Winchester Super X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on it's time-proven dependability backed by legendary excellence.

Super-X Power-Point ammunition offers a unique exposed soft nose jacketed bullet design that delivers maximum energy on target. Strategically placed notches around the jacket mouth improve upset performance and ensure uniform expansion for massive energy release.


  • Proven Accuracy
  • High Velocity
  • Maximum Impact
  • Rapid Controlled Expansion
  • Heavy hitting power for large game


  • Caliber: .338 Winchester Magnum
  • Type: Super X Power Point
  • Bullet Weight: 200 Grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2960 fps
  • Velocity at 200 Yards: 2375 fps
  • Drop at 100 Yards: +/-0.00
  • Drop at 200 Yards:    -3.40

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