Winchester 300 Winchester Magnum Ballistic Silvertip, Polymer Tipped 180 Grain Box of 20 #SBST300

Winchester Repeating Arms

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Winchester Supreme combines advanced development techniques and innovative production processes.

The Ballistic Silvertip round is designed for delayed, controlled expansion. Deep penetration through thick, tough skin, heavy muscle tissue and bone, high retained weight


  • Polycarbonate Tip
  • Special Lead Alloy Core
  • Tapered Copper Jacket for Uniform Expansion
  • Boattail Base
  • Tangent Ogive
  • Nickel Jacketed Case


  • Caliber: .300WM
  • Grains: 180
  • Type: Ballistic Silvertip
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2950fps
  • Velocity at 200 Yards: 2586fps
  • Drop at 100 Yards: +/-0.00"
  • Drop at 200 Yards:   -3.00"

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