Winchester .22LR M-22 HV, 40 Grain FMJ, Box of 500 #S22LRT

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This bullet is designed and packaged specifically for use in the growing number of high-capacity MSR 22 LRs. The new M22 features a 40-grain Plated Lead Round Nose bullet optimized for reliable feeding in high capacity magazines. In addition, the M-22 utilizes non-corrosive priming and clean burning powder that delivers an ultrafast 1255 fps velocity and exceptional accuracy.


  • Black Copper Plated Round Nose Bullet Highly accuracte, sure functioning in high capacity magazines. Plated for reduced foulling and enhanced functioning.
  • Clean Burning Powder Assures consistent chamber pressure and delivers a blistering 1255 fps velocity.
  • Non-Corrosive Priming Consistent, sure-fire ignition.


  • Velocity: 1255 fps
  • Grains: 40
  • Type: Plated Lead Round Nose
  • Cartridge: .22LR
  • Quantity: Box of 500 loose rounds
  • Rounds per Case: 2000

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