Williams Trophy Takers Trout Trolling Kit #4-TTK


Williams kits have been developed to offer the angler an assortment of proven styles and colors by species and/or by style and size of lure. These lures have been chosen from angler favorites for the species or fisheries they are targeting. The kits are comprised of classics, proving themselves to anglers since 1916.

Genuine silver finishes, a wide selection of sizes and styles, and a perfect balance for casting, trolling or jigging have made Williams' the proven favorite spoon of anglers since 1916.  This kit is a collection of patterns for trout trolling, easy moving Wablers and fast moving Dartee's will allow you to target fish under any conditions.

Williams Wabler Lite series offers the classic original Wabler in 1/2 the weight. This Lite series is a perfect option for shallow water presentations where you will have the advantage of the proven action of the Wabler and the flash of the precious metal finishes in a spoonwhich will run shallower and work at even the slowest trolling speeds.

The Williams Wabler is the lure that founded the fishing tackle division of the Williams Company 100 years ago. The most recognized and still today most popular model in the Williams series, the Wabler has been a mainstay of anglers. Originally popular as a lake trout spoon, the Wabler has proven itself, as the photo gallery of past literature will attest to, on a multitude of species including; rainbows, browns and all members of the trout family. A northern pike favourite, musky, walleye and salmon as well as salt water species in coastal waters.


  • Style: Wabler Lite
    • Size: W55 - 2-5/8", 1/4 oz.
    • Patterns
      • H - Half Silver / Half Gold
      • FW - Fire Wabler
  • Style: Dartee
    • Size: D2 - 2-3/4", 1/4 oz.
    • Patterns
      • EB - Electric Blue
      • RB - Rainbo

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