Williams Trophy Takers Classic Wabler Kit, Size W40, 2-14" 1/4 oz #4-40


Williams kits have been developed to offer the angler an assortment of proven styles and colors by species and/or by style and size of lure. These lures have been chosen from angler favorites for the species or fisheries they are targeting. The kits are comprised of classics, proving themselves to anglers since 1916.

Genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes, a wide selection of sizes and styles, and a perfect balance for casting, trolling or jigging have made Williams' the proven favorite spoon of anglers since 1916.  This kit is the Original Classic set of W40 spoons in the highest grade finishes.  Ideal for bass, pike, whitefish, trout, and a wide variety of predatory gamefish.


  • Style: Wabler
  • Size: W40 - 2-1/4", 1/4 oz.
  • Patterns (1 Each)
    • S - Silver
    • GN - Gold Nu-Wrinkle
    • SN - Silver Nu-Wrinkle
    • G - Gold

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