Williams Ridge Back Spoon #RB100


Williams celebrates its 100’th anniversary in 2016. The Ridge|Back series is being introduced in the 100’th year and therefore named the RB100 to commemorate the occasion. A compact and heavier casting spoon series,the Ridge|Back weighs in at 2/5 oz and measures 1-7/8”. Its shape and design are proven. Ideal for use as a casting spoon, it can also be trolled and jigged. A multi-species versatile lure, as at home on the Great Lakesbreakwalls as it is in the back country inland lakes. The Williams trademark genuine silver and 24K gold finishes reflect any and all available light deeper and farther. A Canadian classic with a worldwide reputation.

  • Lenhth: 1-7/8"
  • Approx. Weight: 2/5 oz


  • BP-BDAP: Bad Apple
  • BZ-BLZN: Blue Zone
  • CI-CDIC: Candied Ice
  • GLB: Glow Blue
  • GLG: Glow Green
  • GLOR: Glow Orange
  • GLP:Glow Pink
  • GOR: Gold Orange

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