Weatherby 340 WBY Magnum Barnes TSX, 225 Grain Box of 20 #18609


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Introduced in 1963, the 340 Weatherby was designed as a response to the 338 Winchester Mag. However, Roy took advantage of the longer case to pack in more powder for greater velocity. And, it shoots heavier 338 bullets at higher velocities as well – a decidedly powerful combination. Ideally suited for animals the size of elk or larger, the 340 can also be used by deer hunters with lighter bullet weights.

Shipping for single boxes of this ammunition is an option at an additional $55.00 charge due to the nature of the product.


  • Weatherby Model(s): B340225XS / 18609
  • Caliber: 340 Weatherby Magnum
  • Bullet Type: Barnes X Bullet
  • Grain: 225
  • Volume: Box of 20
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2970 fps
  • Velocity at 300 Yards: 2276 fps
  • Energy in Foot-Pounds at Muzzle: 4408
  • Energy in Foot-Pounds at 300 Yards: 2588
  • Drop at 100 yards: +4.0"
  • Drop at 300 Yards: +/-0.0"
  • Drop at 400 Yards: -11.5"

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