Weatherby 30-378 WBY Magnum Accubond, 180 Grain Box of 20 #17534

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Initially a wildcat cartridge developed by Roy Weatherby in 1959 at the request of the United States Army. This white-hot cartridge is based on the 378 necked down to 30 caliber and packed with powder. Originally billed as the world’s fastest 30 caliber cartridge, it will push a 30 caliber bullet more than 3,500 feet per second. Reintroduced as a Weatherby production cartridge in 1996.

Shipping for single boxes of this ammunition is an option at an additional $55.00 charge due to the nature of the product.


  • Weatherby Model(s): N303180ACB / 17534
  • Caliber: 30-378 Weatherby Magnum
  • Bullet Type: Accubond
  • Grain: 180
  • Volume: Box of 20
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3420 fps
  • Velocity at 300 Yards: 2826 fps
  • Energy in Foot-Pounds at Muzzle: 4676
  • Energy in Foot-Pounds at 300 Yards: 3193
  • Drop at 100 yards: +2.5"
  • Drop at 300 Yards: +/-0.0"
  • Drop at 400 Yards: -7.5"

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