Water Gremlin Pencil Lead Sinkers, 1/2 lb. Bags with 4" Rubber Tube Included, 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" Diameter #PPL

Water Gremlin

Pencil leads allow you to use pencil lead pliers to nip off the exact length and weight you need. Flatten the end of the lead and punch out a hole for your line or swivel and you're ready for bottom-bouncing bait for steelhead or walleye.   They also make an ideal breakaway weight for carp fishing over rough bottoms.   These weights give you unparalleled customization in your presentation.  Perfect for carp and catfish rigs.

Ways of Using Water Gremlin Pencil Lead**

  1. Run your line through a one inch piece of rubber tubing.  Then insert a piece of pencil lead a short way into the tubing.  The lead will release if it gets caught in the rocks or other debris.
  2. Connect a piece of rubber tubing to a 3-way swivel.  Insert a piece of pencil lead a sh ort way into the tubing.  The pencil lead will bounce along the bottom.  If the lead gets caught in the rocks, it will release from the tubing, freeing your lure or rig.  The amount of lead used depends on the depth and speed of the water.


  • Made in the USA
  • Each pack includes Rubber Tubing, 4"
  • PPL-1: 1/2 lb.* Roll, 1/8" Diameter
  • PPL-2: 1/2 lb.* Roll, 3/16" Diameter
  • PPL-3: 1/2 lb.* Roll, 1/4" Diameter

*Approximate Weight
**See Illustration

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