Water Gremlin Egg Sinkers, Sinker Selector, 55 Pieces, Mixed Sizes #17EG

Water Gremlin

Water Gremlin’s oblong shaped Egg Sinkers slip easily through weeds and rocks without getting constantly hung up. The large, smooth hole in the center allows for uninterrupted movement of the line without the fish being able to detect the weight of the sinker.

This handy kit provides you with 55 differnt sinkers in a variety of sizes, as well as 33 sinker stoppers ideal for securing your slip sinkers in place.

  • Size: 10x EGG-10, 6x EGG-9, 3x EGG-8, 3x EGG-7, 33x Sinker Stoppers
  • Volume: 55 Pieces
  • Case: Rotating face dispenser with carry loop
  • Made in the USA

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