Water Gremlin Dipsey Swivel Sinker Selector, Sizes 10 to 6, 27 Pieces #15DS

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The Dipsey Swivel is another versatile sinker from Water Gremlin because of its ability to swivel on the attached looped, brass wire. It is most commonly used for trolling or bottom fishing with live bait.

  • Perfect for drop shotting, live & artificial baits, and drift fishing!
  • The Sinker Selector is ideal for easy access to your favorite shot sizes with convenient belt loop
  • Made in the USA
  • 27 Pieces Total


  • DS-10: 7 Pieces
  • DS-9: 6 Pieces
  • DS-8: 5 Pieces
  • DS-7: 5 Pieces
  • DS-6: 4 Pieces

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