Water Gremlin All-In-One Sinker Selector, Rubber Cor & Snap-Loc Combo, 20 Pieces #11

Water Gremlin

The Water Gremlin All-in-One Sinker selector is a pocket sized selector with belt loop and 2 types of weights included.   Versitile Rubber Cor Snap-Loc Dispey Swivel sinkers are great for a wide variety of bait presentations, and on hand when you need them.

Water Gremlin's Snap-Loc® is one of the world's most versatile, easy-to-use sinkers. It works great for bottom or drift fishing. Snap-Loc's® patented eye snaps on and off your line. There's no twisting, tying, fuss or line damage.  The Snap-Loc® eye allows you to snap the sinker on the line for free-line fishing. With Snap-Loc® sliding free on the line, it will go to the bottom. The fish can now take your bait without feeling the sinker weight. Snap-Loc® can also be snapped into the eye of the swivel to make twist-proof trolling rigs.

Water Gremlin developed the Rubbercor Sinker in 1949...the first truly original idea in sinkers since the rock.  Rubbercor® slips easily on and off your line. Just give the rubber ears a half twist in opposite directions and Rubbercor® is ready to take your bait down to where the fish are biting. Your line is protected by the rubber core inside the lead sleeve. To remove, simply twist the ears back to their original positions. There's no tying, no pinching, no fuss, no mess. Rubbercor® is safe to use, even on the lightest monofilament line.


  • Perfect for drop shotting and drift fishing in shifting water!
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 Pieces, Mixed Sizes


  • RC-00: 4 pieces
  • RC-0: 4 Pieces
  • RC-1: 3 Pieces
  • SLD-9: 5 Pieces
  • SLD-7: 4 Pieces

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