Umarex Air Pistol Legends CCCP Makarov Ultra .177 BB with Blowback #2251811


Introducing the Makarov (Mock-ah-rahv) Ultra, a legendary replica airgun of the Russian semi-automatic pistol of the nineteen fifties. This variant is a C-oh-two powered handgun with a realistic blowback action. Its solid metal frame and slide adds realism in both sound and feel as it cycles with each fired round. The drop-free magazine of the Makarov Ultra holds 16 rounds and a 12 gram C-oh-two capsule, which powers this handgun's ability to propel steel BBs at 350 feet per second, is housed within the grip. Add a Legend to your collection the Makarov Ultra.


  • Metal frame
  • Realistic action
  • Fixed front sights
  • CO2 compartment in the grip
  • Designed for steel BBs
  • Single action


  • Capacity: 16-shot
  • Power: CO2 - 12g Cylinder(not included)
  • Muzzle Speed: 350 fps
  • Caliber: .177
  • Ammo: BBs
  • Action: Single

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