Trumark Inc SA30 5/16" Steel Slingshot Ammunition, 120 Shot Bag #SA30

Trumark Slingshots

Hit the Bull's-Eye from long range with Trumark 5/16" stee-ball ammo. It loads fast, hits hard, and shoots straight up to a distance of 225 yards.

Trumark’s 5/16" steel-ball slingshot ammo has been carefully selected for it’s SPECIAL SIZE; it’s not too small and it’s not too large. Ammo that is 1/4" in size is too light and tends to "tear up" wrist-braced slingshot bands that need more weight in the pouch when shot. Steel ammo that is larger than 5/16" or 3/8" is too heavy and is unsafe if used improperly. 5/16" ammo is a good balance between light and heavy, and it is the ideal size steel-ammo to use in Wrist-Braced Slingshots.

  • 120 Shots
  • Shatter-proof for repeated use
  • Ideal for hunting and target shooting

Caution: Ammo may ricochet.

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