Trumark Inc S9 Tru-Shot Slingshot with Internal Ammo Storage #S9-T

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THE S9 slingshot’s two-piece plastic handle (no rivets or glue) slides up & down the U-shaped aluminum frame. When pushed up, the chamber releases SA30 ammo from a capless hole in the bottom. When pushed down the hole becomes "self-sealing" and traps ammo in the handle. (The polished aluminum prongs do not have plastic caps).

  • The S9 slingshot does not have a wrist-brace and will fit in a back pocket.
  • It has a moderate pull and can be shot accurately using the "intuitive method" of sighting.
  • The S9 includes approximately 35 count SA30 "starter"ammo in the handle.
  • Transparent handle allows for easy monitoring of ammunition stocks
  • It has matched-pull latex powerbands with a large split-leather pouch.
  • 175 Yard Range!

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