Trumark Inc Powerbands - Tapered Normal Pull Replacement Slingshot Band #RP-T

Trumark Slingshots

Trumark's TAPERED POWERBANDS Improve the operating efficiency of your slingshot with "EZPULL" tapered powerbands. Designed to release maximum energy with minimum strain while aiming. These bands are 15 to 35% more efficient than conventional non-tapered bands, and are excellent for tournament shooting where faster ammo velocity and accuracy helps to increase your Bull’s-Eye scores! With a small amount of alcohol the bands can be installed very quickly without the use of tools, strings, or glue. Both bands are cut from one length of tubing so that they are "matched" (balanced) for tournament shooting. Instructions for how to install the bands are included.

  • 225 Yd. Range!
  • Normal Pull, Tapered Replacement Slingshot Band
  • Condition the powerbands with 303 Aerospace Protectant. It repells the sun’s UV rays, soiling, oil, sweat, stains, and INCREASES powerband life.
  • Includes packet of 303 Aerospace Protectant

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