Tru-Turn Snelled Baitholder Hooks, Blood Red, Packs of 5 #303G

Daiichi Hooks

Snelled baitholder hooks ideal for a wide variety of gamefish.  Works well with live bait & artificals.  Tru-Turn hooks feature a cammed neck which will rotate the hook tip into the ideal setting postion when a fish bites.  These hooks have a Blood Red finish which looks like blood in the water and will encourage strikes from fussy fish!


  • Premium monofiliment snell
  • Forged bronze baitholder with Blood Red finish to encourage strikes
  • Down Eye
  • Packs of 6
  • Sizes #8 to #1
  • Ideal for quick rigging, beginning fishermen, and survival kits!
  • Designed by a World War II veteran and recommended by the U.S. Army for military survival kits!

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