Tru-Turn HitchHiker Bait Screw, Medium, 5 Pieces #44ZS

Daiichi Hooks

The original HitchHiker® rigging device.

HitchHikers were originally designed for attaching plastic or pork-rind trailers to spinner-baits. Pork chunks were easily detached and returned to the jar, for re-use. Simply twist the HitchHiker into your trailer and snap it onto your jig or spinner-bait.

They can also be used to add movement segments to lizard style baits, or to add blades, beads, spinners, and other dressings to the tail of your bait of choice!

The “Stoopid Rig” is rigged with a HitchHiker and clipped to a Daiichi Circle Wide® hook. This is an absolute killer on schooling fish. The circle hook provides an easy, catch and release


  • Easily attach a wide variety of plastic baits
  • Modify soft baits with extra features with ease!
  • Pack of 5


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