Tru Turn Baitholder Hooks, Bronze Finish, Sizes 8 to 1/0, Packs of 6-7 #307ZS

Daiichi Hooks

Tru-Turn Hooks® are designed to perform. The offset forces the point to turn towards the slightest touch to get the deepest possible hold.

A test by the U.S. Army resulted in their recommendation that Tru-Turn Hooks® be used in the Military Survival Fishing Kits. (Spec. # MIL-F-6218).  Extensive research by an independent group at Auburn University proved that Tru-Turn Hooks® were significantly superior (in Hookup ratios) over all hooks tested. In fact, Bass Masters Magazine found the research so thorough they published the results.


  • Cam-action shaft for better hook setting
  • Down turned eye for easy tying
  • Quantity
    • Sizes 8 to 2: 7 Hooks per Pack
    • Sizes 1 to 1/0: 6 Hooks per Pack

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