Timney Triggers IWI Tavor Trigger Assembly Kit, Two-Stage 2lbs. Pull #680

Timney Triggers

Timney's new Tavor re-model is #680 and a 2-stage. The first and second stages are both 2lbs, with a combined total of 4lbs. We have re-designed the housing and fire control group configuration. This is a brand new model unlike anything we’ve had before. It is self-lubricating so it does not need to be lubed, it does not require cleaning – however should someone desire to clean theirs we recommend clear lighter fluid. The precision equipment this trigger was designed with gives the shooter a whole new level of accuracy never before obtained with any Tavor trigger.

It is highly durable and can operate in sand, dirt, snow, or any other condition imaginable. It has a trigger blocking safety so you never have to worry about it firing when in Safe mode.


  • Designed for the IWI Tavor
  • Uses your current trigger, replaces internal assembly parts
  • 2-Stage 2 lb. Pull (2lbs/2lbs)
  • Made in the USA

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