Swedish Pimple Jigging Spoon, Pink Ice, 2-1/4", 1/2 oz. #6PKI

If you love ice fishing in fresh or salt water, you know the Swedish Pimple is one of the best jig lures ever made. It’s simple but effective design has remained the same for over 50 year. But why change when you have a lure that works wonders whether you are trolling for lakers or jigging for walleyes?

The Swedish Pimple® is a superb jigging lure with exceptional, proven results on both fresh and salt-water fish. Forged of solid brass and available in a wide variety of colours and sizes makes this lure a must for all fishermen.


  • Modeled from jigging lures used in Sweden for over 100 years, this superb lure will give you excellent results in both fresh and saltwater conditions
  • Jig it in both winter and summer
  • Choose larger sizes for game fish in deep water lakes and smaller sizes for shallow lakes and rivers
  • A proven favourite for walleye, trout, coho salmon, northern bass and pan fish
  • Rigged with an extra strong nickel treble hook complete with bonus flipper
  • These premium lures are forged of solid brass
  • Size: #6, 2-1/4", 1/2 oz.
  • Colour: Pink Ice

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