Strike King Baby Burner Spinner Bait, 7/16 oz. Various Patterns #BURN716

Strike King

The BABY BURNER™ is a premium downsized spinnerbait that is great when the bite is tough. Designed for high speed retrieves, it features a downsized version of the Strike King® RAZ-R-BLADE™ High RPM blades. They are a thin cut willowleaf blade that spin fast and cause less drag than traditional willow blades. They help keep the bait from rising to the surface and blowing out when moving fast and they increase flash too. The shape of the head with extra weight on the hook shank reduces drag and runs true. It has a super sharp Gamakatsu® hook, Perfect Skirt® and SPIN-EZE® ball bearing swivel.

Now there’s a small spinnerbait you can crank hard and get the reaction strikes you want!


  • Weight: 3/8 oz.
  • Style: Inline Spinner with Dual blades
  • Willow & Colorado Blades for better retrieval at lower speeds & maximum flash
  • Hologram Eye with scale pattern willow blade
  • Spin-Eze Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Vibra-max Stainless Steel Wire
  • Flared-Gill Fish Shape Head
  • Large Red Reflective Eyes
  • Premium Silicone Skirt
  • Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hook


  • BURN716-203GS - Chartreuse/White
  • BURN716-204GS - SuperWhite
  • BURN716-209S - Blue Shad
  • BURN716-257GS - Smokey Shad
  • BURN716-590GS - Sexy Shad

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