StandOut Western Finesse Bass Hooks, Red Alert Color, Sizes 6 to 2/0 #ST8ZS

Daiichi Hooks

Standout Finesse Bass Hooks are the ideal solution for vertical jigging, weedless presentations, and drop shotting!


  • Simply tie a palomar knot on the top eye with 2 to 4 feet tag-end (don't cut it yet!)
  • Run the tag-end through the lower eye of the hook
  • Secure the sinker to tag end.


  • StandOut Lever action hook design is ideal for live and artificial baits
  • "Up" presentation offers more visability to fish
  • StandOut hook is suspended above snags
  • Double your presentation with a jig instead of a sinker for more walleye, sauger, and panfish!
  • Red Alert finish encourages fish strikes
  • Quantity
    • #6 x8
    • #4 x7
    • #2 x7
    • #1 x6
    • #1/0 x5
    • #2/0 x5

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