Sebile Bull Crank Crankbait, 2" Size, 1/4 oz. Weight #BCR



The Sebile Bull Crank is the go-to search bait in shallow, medium, and deep waters. The Bull Crank is offered in four sizes and two diving depths. Equipped with Ultra-Low External weights, the Bull CrankTM is ideal for shallow water bedding largemouth.

  • Low, external weight allows for a lower center of gravity, higher buoyancy potential, and better tracking stability
  • Square bill allows bait to deflect off cover
  • Bull Crank is silent, with no rattle, crucial for clear, shallow water fishing
  • Size: 2"
  • Weight: 1/4 oz.
  • Style: Floating Crankbait
  • Swim Depth: 3 - 5 ft.


  • BLRC - Blue Red Craw
  • SMBC - Smokin' Blue Chrome
  • SMBS - Smokin' Black Shad
  • SPBL - Spotted Blue Lime
  • SPM - Spotted Mess
  • YES - Yellow Shad

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