Road Runner Randy's Swim'N Runner, 3/8 oz. #RHSR-38

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These smimming jigs feature holographic eyes, paddle tail, and a highly reflective belly spinner ideal for a variety of presentations.   Just cast near cover and structure and use a slow retrieve.  The vibration, sound, and shad profile is a deadly combination, no extra action needed!


  • Premium Daiichi Hook
  • 3D-Eye
  • Holo Finish
  • Ball Bearing Swivel on a plated brass blade
  • Rigged with 3.5 inch Bang Shad body with inverted triangulation for super action! Includes extra body!
  • Effective on all largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass as well as other large game species like bowfin, pike, muskie, and walleye!
  • Weight: 3/8 oz jig head


  • 501 - Alewife
  • 541 - Smoke'n Phantom
  • 581 - Lemon Shad
  • 592 - Bluegill

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