Raven Steelhead Fixed-Stem Float Size 2, SM 3.7g, Model RVFSM2-P


The RAVEN® float system was specifically developed for river Steelhead and Salmon fishing. Sporting a high-visibility Fluorescent Red tip and a subtle matte black body, these balsa floats feature a high-strength, one-piece fibreglass stem.

Every fixed-stem float is designed to take 3/32" RAVEN® Silicone Tubing orFluorescent Orange RAVEN® Tip Top Tubing on the top and 1/16" RAVEN® Silicone Tubing on the stem.

  • Balsa Construction
  • Fixed-Stem Style
  • 3.7g Floats
  • Pack of 2
  • Ideal for: SM - Slow Current, Medium Depth

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