Rage SlipCam Chisel Tip Mechanical Broadheads, 1.5"+ Cut 100 Grain Pack of 3 #30100

Rage Broadheads

Rage's most popular model, now available with bone-piercing chisel tips.

Rage Outdoors has combined the proven technology of its rear-deploying SlipCam broadheads with its new bone-busting chisel point to create the new Rage Chisel Tip broadheads. Once the Rage Chisel Tip blazes through the hide of any game animal, the razor-sharp steel blades deploy to cut a path of destruction, and the hardened stainless steel chisel point will bash through any bone that gets in its way.

The new Rage Chisel Tip broadheads offer the ShockLock blade-retention system. This proprietary system allows the blades to lock in place by using an O-ring that acts as a shock absorber for the blades. They remain locked in place until the moment of impact.

The new Rage Chisel Tip broadheads are easily recognizable by their black, anti-friction nickel-coated chisel points and red-anodized ferrules.  If you have been waiting for the perfect chisel-point broadhead, your wait is over!


  • Volume: 3 Broadheads +1 bonus practice head
  • Blades: 3
  • Style: Mechanical SlipCam
  • Grain: 100 Grains
  • Cutting Diameter: 1.5"+ (1.25" blade edge)

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