PWS MK2 MOD 1 Rifle, 7.62 16" Barrel with FSC 30 Brake #MK216

Primary Weapon Systems

An extremely well balanced package for both weight and accuracy, the MK216 is designed for a multitude of uses and retains lethal capability out to 800 meters with varying types of ammunition.

MK2 MOD1 System Features

  • PWS Long Stroke Piston - The PWS long-stroke piston system combines the agility of the AR-15 with the reliability of the AK-47 into a sleek and efficient design.
  • Adjustable Gas Block - The PWS four position adjustable gas block restricts gasses, rather than venting them from the side. This allows the unused gas to exit from the front of the gun, rather than the sides of the gas block, resulting in a more quiet operation.
  • Smooth Recoil Impulse - By utilizing a one piece design, the PWS piston system creates a purely gas to metal operation, rather than metal on metal contact that you may see in other designs. That, in addition to the longer dwell time from the increased mass in the Enhanced Bolt Carrier, creates a pushing action rather than a punch. This results in dramatically reduced felt recoil.
  • QPQ Isonited Barrels - Utilizing only the highest quality chromoly barrel blanks, MK2 barrels are turned in house then Isonite QPQ treated for hardness and corrosion resistance.
  • Barrel Profiles - PWS barrels are designed with a heavier profile that increases longevity and accuracy, creating a balance between weight savings and sustained durability.
  • Barrel Twist & Chamber - MK2 barrels are button rifled with a 1:10 twist, and are chambered in .308 WIN
  • Bolt Carrier Group - PWS bolt carrier groups are machined from tool steel at strict tolerances, then nickel-Teflon coated for durability and to reduce friction.
  • BCG Mass - PWS engineers increased carrier mass to extend dwell time and delay unlock. As a result the PWS bolt carrier group allows chamber pressure to be greatly reduced for easier extraction.
  • BCG Minimized Contact Points - Gaps and channels between skid pads allow for fewer points of contact. This results in less friction and keeps debris from interferring with function.
  • Bolt - The PWS bolt system is Nickel Teflon coated and optimized for the .308 Win chamber.
  • Free-Floating Handguards - PWS engineers designed a handguard which is ergonomic as well as durable. Featuring the KeyMod interface, the MK2 series handguard eliminates unnecessary weight and allows for a wide range of accessory placement.
  • Extruded Handguards - Handguards are extruded, then machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.
  • PIcatinny Top Rail - Impact extruded, then machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, every handguard comes standard with a full-length Picatinny top rail and two 2 inch Picatinny sections.
  • QD Attachments - Integral sling swivel attachment points round out the front and back of the handguard
  • KeyMod Mounting - The KeyMod Interface System was developed for multiple accessory compatibility without the need for Picatinny rails surrounding your handguard. This improved design enhanced the rail’s comfort and functionality without sacrificing strength and durability.
  • Upper & Lower Forgings - Understanding the importance of an ultra-reliable package that is as light as possible, mil-spec 7075 aluminum forgings are used for the upper and lower receivers. Each upper and lower are meticulously CNC-machined for perfect fit and function.
  • Coatings - After machining and blasting, all aluminum parts are Hardcoat Annodized at Type III Mil-Spec, for corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Furniture - PWS MK2 MOD1 rifles feature Magpul furniture and a 7.62 BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle


  • Caliber: 7.62x51 - .308 Winchester
  • Weight: 8 lbs, 10 oz
  • Overall Length: 35.6”
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Includes: Rifle, 1x PMAG 5-Round 7.62, Manual, 

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