Primos Hunting She-Mobile Turkey Hen Decoy #69061

Primos Hunting

Behind every good man, there is a good woman and Primos felt like B-Mobile™ needed a good woman. She-Mobile™ is the perfect companion for B-Mobile™. She is what you need to make your set-up more attractive to bring in that hardheaded Tom. She-Mobile™ can be staked along side B-Mobile™ as a contented hen or you can put her on the ground without a stake and she will assume the submissive hen position. Made from the same material as B-Mobile™, She-Mobile™ is a sturdy decoy that can be rolled up and carried in your vest, making her the perfect companion for B-Mobile™.

  • Hen Decoy
  • Mobile™ Series Ground Breaker™ Decoy Stake

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