Primos Hunting Killer B Turkey Jake Decoy #69021

Primos Hunting

Primos sent the B-Mobile™ decoy to a plastic surgeon and what came back was Killer B™.  Primos updated the paint scheme to bring out more iridescent colors in the body and more red in his head. They also gave him glass eyes from a taxidermist that make him so realistic that it looks like he is staring at you. In addition they created a tail fan that can move from full strut to ¾ strut to lying flat.  Even the posture has been updated to make him look more like a strutting gobbler.

Killer B™ is made from the same proprietary formula that we have all come to love with B-Mobile™. You can also roll up Killer B™ for easy carry in your vest. This is the most realistic decoy on the market and the one you will find in all of the Primos Video Team members’ vests when they go into the field. B-Mobile™ brought them in close. Killer B™ will have them strutting in your lap.

  • Strutting Gobbler Decoy
  • B-Mobile™ Silk Fan
  • 90′ Pull Line
  • Mobile™ Series Fan Holder
  • Mobile™ Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake
  • Carrying Bag

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