P-Line CXX X-Tra Strong HI-VIS Line, 300 Yard Spools, 6 to 10 lbs. #CXXFHV


CXX X-Tra Strong is the toughest, strongest, most shock resistant line on the market. If you’re looking to throw into nasty cover for largemouth, battle huge tuna with your drag locked down to some ridiculous setting, or pull plugs for monster salmon in a raging river, there is only one line to trust. Tournament anglers and guides alike choose CXX because of the abrasion resistance and it’s high strength to diameter ratio.

The HI-VIS Clear Fluorescent line was introduced to perform under some technique specific conditions, such as night fishing under a black-light or when an angler must watch the line to detect strikes (flipping and drift fishing).

Specifications & Features

  • High breaking strength
  • High knot strength
  • Soft and supple
  • Extra abrasion resistant coating
  • Length: 300 yard Spools
  • HI-VIS Fluorescent line, black light visible
  • Thickness
     6 lbs - 0.23mm / 0.0092 inches
     8 lbs - 0.30mm / 0.0120 inches
    10 lbs - 0.35mm / 0.0140 inches
  • Made in Japan

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