P-Line CX Fluorocarbon Floroclear Line, 300 Yard Spools, 6 to 12 lbs. #FCCF


P-Line's CX Premium Fluorocarbon Coated Line is one of the most innovative lines available, combining copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies. With low memory and improved limpness, CX Premium eliminates the line nightmares of a spinning reel, and improves casting distance with a baitcasting reel. The fluorocarbon-silicone coating virtually eliminates water absorption, so cold water and weather have little effect on line performance. With as much as 30% less stretch than average lines, it has increased sensitivity to detect and react to even the most subtle strikes.

With Floroclear’s fluorocarbon coating the line is virtually invisible once it enters the water. This gives anglers the advantage of a more stealthy presentation, which will guarantee more strikes and hookups. With a special silicone treatment, Floroclear has reduced memory and increased castability. From small finesse baits for bass to huge plugs for stripers in the surf, this line just plain casts.

Specifications & Features

  • Virtually invisible
  • Superior knot strength
  • Supreme castability
  • Fluorocarbon coated
  • Length: 300 yard Spools
  • Clear line
  • Thickness
     6 lbs - 0.23mm / 0.0092 inches
     8 lbs - 0.25mm / 0.0100 inches
    10 lbs - 0.29mm
    12 lbs - 0.31mm / 0.0124 inches
  • Made in Japan

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