Mepps Kit - Trophy 4-Pack, Size 1-2 #4-T12


Mepps 4-pack lure kits are a selection of proven sizes and colours by species and series. The Trophy 4-T12 features an assortment of smaller sized #1 & #2 Mepps spinners perfect for trout, panfish, and other species when smaller is better.

  • For Trout, Perch, Whitefish, Bass, Grayling, and other Panfish
  • Made in France


  • 1x Aglia Rainbow #1 with Skirt
  • 1x XD Brown Trout #2
  • 1x Black Fury with Chartreuse Dots #1 with Skirt
  • 1x Aglia Firetiger #2

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