Mepps Bucktail Musky Killer, Tandem Hooks, 1-1/3 oz. #B5MT


There isn't a lot that can be said about the Mepps Musky Killer that hasn't already been said by musky fishermen world-wide. This is because the Mepps Musky Killer has caught more record musky than any other musky bucktail.

Sunny fall days will provide calm afternoon water, and are excellent times to fish a Musky Killer in the cabbage weeds. It’s here the muskys go to warm themselves. They also take advantage of the shadows to stalk their prey. Because of the similarity of weather conditions, this is also an excellent place to find muskys in the early summer.

Musky season opens early on many shallow northern musky lakes, and fishing these cold waters can be the key to early season action. A slow presentation is needed, and the Musky Killer's blade, like the blade on all Mepps spinners, begins spinning at even the slowest retrieve. Fish shallow bays and large flats of weeds early in the season with a Mepps Musky Killer.

The Mepps Tandem Musky Killer features a extra heavy-duty super sharp premium 5/0 hook and heavy-duty 3/0 trailer hook. This is the perfect lure for trophy musky and monster northern pike when a larger profile lure is needed to match the size of the the forage.

When fishing warm water, use a high speed retrieve to “burn” a Tandem Musky Killer just under the surface. The added bucktail helps create more movement and size “bulge,” while the double hook configuration generates better hooking percentages and catches those short biters.

All Tandem Musky Killers also feature a 1/2-ounce lead weight. With this added weight they can run as deep as eight feet. This makes the Tandem Musky Killer an excellent spinner for fishing weed lines bordering deep water... the mid-summer haunts of big muskies.


  • Mepps quality throughout
  • Expertly balanced, Mepps Musky Killers are second to none
  • Made in France
  • Weight: 1-1/3 oz.
  • Style: Bucktail Tandem Treble (Size 5/0 & 3/0 hooks)

Colours (Body & Tail)

  • FTB: Fire Tiger & Black
  • FTY: Fire Tiger & Yellow
  • GOLDY: Gold & Yellow
  • RWW: Red and White & White
  • SBK: Silver & Black
  • SILW: Silver & White
  • SILY: Silver & Yellow

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