Mepps Black Fury Spinners, Inline, Treble Hook, Size 5, 1/2 oz. #BF5


The Black Fury was introduced in 1962 and became an overnight hit.The special Black Fury blade spins closer to the body than the classic Aglia blade so it easily fishes shallow to mid-depths. All Mepps Black Furys are excellent low light (early morning, evening or overcast) spinners as well as a perfect choice for sunny days when contrast with the brightness of the water, weeds and structure is needed.

The Black Fury offers Mepps quality through out. Using solid premium brass machined components to maintain their balance and always run true.  Solid brass blades and premium hooks on a Swedish stainless stell shaft.


  • Size: #5
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Style: Weighted Shaft, Plain Treble Hook
  • Origin: Made in France!
  • Color Options
    • BYD: Black with Yellow Dots
    • CH: Black with Chartreuse Dots
    • FL: Black with Fluorescent Orange Dots
    • FT: Black Fire Tiger

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