Mepps Aglia Spinners, Inline, Plain Treble, Size 0, 1/12 oz. #B0


The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. It is the World's #1 Lure. More trophy fish have been caught on the Mepps Aglia than any other lure. The Mepps Aglia is extremely popular with fishermen world-wide because it will catch just about any freshwater fish and many species of saltwater fish.

Lure size is important. The rule of thumb is use smaller lures to catch smaller fish and larger lures to catch larger fish. Keep in mind plain spinners present a smaller profile than dressed spinners, so they will appear smaller to the fish. This makes them perfect for panfish and small stream trout.  Mepps plain treble or single hook Aglias in size #00 or #0 are perfect for panfish (bluegills or sunfish) and small stream trout. They are very light, however, and require a nimble rod, equipped with a light action reel spooled with light line; nothing heavier than six-pound-test.


  • Size: #0
  • Weight: 1/12 oz.
  • Style: Plain Treble Hook, Weighted Shaft
  • Origin: Made in France!
  • Color Options
    • CH: Chartreuse
    • FL: Flourescent Orange
    • FT: Fire Tiger
    • G: Gold
    • RWS: Red & White Striped
    • S: Silver

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