Maxima One Shot Ultragreen Spools, 250 to 220 Yards #MOG

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This is MAXIMA`s original green monofilament. Though often attempted, no other manufacturer
has duplicated the exclusive colour and characteristics of MAXIMA Ultragreen. This line
becomes virtually invisible under water, particularly in fresh­water and inshore coastal waters. Ultragreen is also soft and limp, yet retains MAXIMA`s legendary tough, high-durability finish
for excellent abrasion resistance.

Ultragreen is the best all-round line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing, spooling and casting well on spinning, baitcasting and larger conventional reels. Ultragreen`s invisibility under water also makes it ideal for leader material.


  • 6  lbs - 250 yards
  • 8  lbs - 220 Yards
  • 10 lbs - 220 Yards
  • 12 lbs - 220 Yards

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