Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well - Remington Hunter 700 Stock #MAG497-BLK


The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well is a drop-in solution for the Magpul 700 Hunter Stock for those that are wishing to add detachable box magazine capabilities to their rifle.  By simply removing your OEM bottom metal and the insert on the Hunter Stock, users can add this reinforced polymer trigger guard & m agazine well to their rifle without the need for custom inletting from gunsmiths.  Designed to work with AI pattern, short action magazines, this kit also includes the new PMAG 5 AC 7.62 Magazine.


  • Designed to work with the Magpul Hunter stock for Remington 700 Series Rifles
  • Includes magwell & 1x magazine (#MAG549)
  • Weight, w/o magazine: 2.2 oz.

*NOTE: Due to potential variability of receiver dimensions, gunsmithing may be required for optimal fit and functionality.
Some triggers, especially those with longer and/or straight trigger bows, may not be compatible without modification to the trigger guard.

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