Magic Products Premium Trout Formula Biodegradable Bait Eggs, Red, 1-1/2 oz. Jar #3090

Fortified with ULTRABITE™ trout specific pheromone attractant.  Patented pheromone technology attracts and stimulates fish to feed. 20 years of research and testing by more than 400 scientists went into development of the pheromone formulas.


  • Phermone Technology - The unique phermones and feeding stimulants contained in ULTRABITE were developed by a joint venture between the British Government and a respected research company.  ULTRABITE is specifically formulated to attract fish to your area and trigger feeding behavior and is the result of 20 years of research by UK Government scientists.  ULTRABITE is impregnated into the bait during manufacturing to ensure slow controlled release.  The longer you fish an area, the better it works!

  • Biodegradable eggs stay on hook
  • Retains color and are easy to use
  • 1½ oz. of eggs in handy thick-wall pocket sized container
  • Colour: #3090 - Red

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