Luhr Jensen Cast Champ 1/2 oz. #4953-012

Luhr Jensen

This original slab-sided design provides a compact body that casts incredible distances and swims with a seductive side-to-side wobble. A must have lure for bank fishing where a longer cast means you're simply able to contact more fish. Prior to casting distances, visibly work the lure in shallow water to establish a retrieve speed that keeps it swimming (too fast and it will spin).

Works excellently for jigging while ice fishing, especially in deep water.

  • Weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Colour: Chrome with Blue Prism-Lite
  • Hook: Treble



  • 150 chrome/silver prism
  • 151 brass/gold prism
  • 153 chrome/blue prism
  • 013 silver chartreuse prism

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