LiveTarget Frog Hollow Body, 2-1/4" 5/8 oz. #FGH55T


All the attributes to catch big game fish such as Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike: anatomy, detailed color, custom double hook.  On the strike, the soft body collapses easily and the custom double hooks translate to higher hook up ratios.  Ideally used around grass and lily pads, the weedless design enables anglers to cast into thick brush or super heavy cover for unique applications.  Go where traditional topwaters can't.

  • Weedless design for thick slop
  • Soft plastic
  • High hook-up ratios
  • Easy to walk
  • ICAST "Best of Show" winner 2010!
  • Style: Floating Topwater
  • Size: 2-1/4"
  • Weight: 5/8 oz.


  • Create a walking action using a twitch, pause, wind-like retrieve.  Concentrate on twitching the line (3' in front of rod tip vs twitching the lure).
  • Pop / Chug the lure using a twitch, wind-like retrieve.
  • Cast the lure into lilly pads, over grass mats and other vegetation.  Look to pull the lure over open holes in the cover.


  • 500 - Green/Yellow
  • 501 - Yellow/Black
  • 503 - Brown/Black
  • 504 - Florescent Green/Yellow*
  • 507 - Black/Yellow**
  • 514 - Emerald/Brown
  • 516 - Albino/White

*504 Old pattern number, new pattern number is 512
**507 Old pattern, high contrast black body with yellow highlights, high contrast ideal for nightfishing, early morning, or late evening

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