Irish Setter Deer Tracker Boot, 800g PrimaLoft Gold Eco Insulation #4838

Irish Setter

A deer track tells a story—about where the animal travels, sleeps, and searches for food. Deer Tracker hunting boots tell their own story—about the importance of stability, flexibility and warmth in the field. With StableFlex Technology, we combine welt construction in the heel for stability and cement construction in the forefoot for added flexibility. Deer Tracker boots also feature ArmaTec toe and heel protection, and a dual density, RPM lightweight sole in both insulated and non-insulated options.


  • Scent Ban insole to keep your feet fresh and odor's in control
  • ArmaTec coated for superior durability
  • UltraDry Waterproofing
  • Cushin Sole
  • Stable Flex for superior flexiblity at the toe and a stable heel
  • Height: 10 inch
  • Insulation: 800g PrimaLoft Gold Eco
  • Construction: Cement - Welt

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