Insect Defend Patches, 5-Pack, DEET Free

World Famous

Just one small Insect DEFEND Patch, applied discreetly on any hairless area of the body creates an invisible virtually impenetrable shield against the ill effects of mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry. Within 2 hours of application these annoying creatures will know that you’re off limits and will quickly move on and leave you alone! The protection effect last up to 24 hours – even during hot and humid weather!

  • DEFEND is a topically applied Thiamine (Vitamin B1) patch that actually protects against mosquitoes and other biting insects!
  • 100% DEET free!
  • Very effective, easily applied and safe alternative to standard insect repellents
  • Real protection for childen (12 and older) and adults against mosquitos and other biting insects for up to 24 hours
  • Discreet and quick, apply one patch to a hairless area of your body and stop worrying
  • Will not lose effectiveness in water
  • Non-greasy

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