Hunter's Specialities Scent-A-Way Odorless Continuous Spray, 15.5 oz. Can #D1936

Hunter Specialties

Scent-A-Way® Continuous Spray eliminates spills and waste. The container allows for a continuous spray – even with the can upside down. It provides faster, more even coverage.

Scent-A-Way advanced formula continuous spray combines four elements to prevent ad control odor: molecular conversion, oxidizing, bonding, and neutralizing.  HS has proven it in the lab, but more importantly it passes the ultimate test - the nose of deer, elk, and predators aliike.   It is safe on all materials and will not stain or fade clothing.

  • All natural, environmentally friendly, and not harmful to the skin!
  • Easy application can
  • Odorless cover scent
  • 15.5 oz. net wt.  439.42gm - pressurized

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