Hornady 308 WIN MATCH, A-MAX 168 Grain Box of 20 #8096


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Hornady match rifle ammunition is loaded with the most accurate, consistent match bullets in the world.  Featuring select cases, AMP bullet jackets, load specific powder, and high quality primers these rounds will get you consistantly where you need to be.


  • A-MAX Bullet
    The aerodynamic secant ogive profile, the sharp pointed tip and the unequaled concentricity of the A-MAX® design give it an extremely high ballistic coefficient for near perfection in flight.  The A-MAX® bullet is the ultimate result of more than half a century of studying bullet performance. Ever aspect of accuracy has been designed into the A-MAX® bullet. From its polymer tip to the angle of the boattail, the A-MAX® bullet is engineered for extreme accuracy.


  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Style: Precision Boat-Tail Polymer Tipped Low-Drag with Swaged Lead Core
  • Velocity at Muzzle: 2700 FPS
  • Velocity at 100 Yards: 2355 FPS
  • velocity at 200 Yards: 2030 FPS
  • Velocity at 300 Yards: 1742 FPS
  • Trajectory at Muzzle:  -1.50"
  • Trajectory at 100 Yards: 2.00"
  • Trajectory at 200 Yards: 0.00"
  • Trajectory at 300 Yards: -8.40"
  • Voume: 20 per Box

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