HiViz Ruger 10/22 Fiber Optic Rifle Sight Set #RG1022

HIVIZ Shooting Systems

Whether you shoot America's favorite rifle competitively, in the field or at the range, the HIVIZ Ruger 10/22 sight set is something that frankly, no self-respecting 10/22 owner should live without! The front sight features the latest LiteWave technology for bright, reliable target acquistion. The rear sight was carefully designed around the original Ruger design and is both foldable and adjustable for elevation. Both the front and the rear sight feature interchangeable LitePipes.

Up your 10/22 game and See What You've Been Missing.

  • Fits Ruger 10/22 Standard rifles with 18.5" barrel, Carbine & Takedown mode.
  • Installation may require a gunsmith
  • LitePipe Colors
    • Front: Green, Red, White
    • Rear: Green, Red

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