Gold Tip Arrow Fletched Warrior (4" feather vanes) 500

Gold Tip

Gold Tip's best value in a high quality carbon fiber arrow, the Warrior 400 is ideal for experiences shooters, and beginners looking for something of a higher quality for volume shooting.


  • Super Nock installed
  • 4" Feather Vanes (colours may vary)
  • 1x CB Insert per arrow*
  • Size: 500
  • Weight: 8.4 gpi
  • Length: 31"

*Insert Installation
Arrows come with one CB insert per arrow.  If you desire your arrows cut and the insert installed please notify us in the special instructions field of our checkout for the desired length.  Arrows sold with inserts installed at the store can not be returned or exchanged and will be cut to the customer specified length.

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