Glock 21 Gen4 Fixed Sight .45ACP



GLOCK 21 .45ACP Gen4

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The “big bore” .45 caliber belongs to the United States like stars and stripes. Americans have always had a very special relationship with this timeless caliber. The GLOCK 21 gives you everything you would expect of a .45 pistol. Countless law enforcement units swear by this superior pistol for more than just its above-average magazine capacity of 10 rounds. Now featuring all the benefits of the Generation 4 production, double recoil spring, 3 magazines, speed-loader, and 3x adjustable backstraps for comfort! The Glock 21 Generation 4 replaces the previous Glock 21SF Gen3's, all the old features and more!

  • 3x 10-round magazines
  • 4x grip backstraps (including 2x beavertail backstraps!)
  • 1x cable lock (suitable for the outside of the case)
  • Cleaning brush, cleaning rod

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