Franzen Combination Trigger Lock 3-Pack #11136

Franzen International

A simple universale style combination lock for your firearms.  Three digit code defaulted at 000, with the option to set a custom code.

High quality zinc die cast construction with nickel plated finish or black powder coating. Soft rubber gaskets on both sides of the lock protect gun finish and enable a tight fit. Three-digit tumbler mechanism with smooth and quick action movement and resettable code. The combination lock mechanism is made by Franzen International, a company renowned for manufacturing outstanding locks, and the forerunner in design and construction of locking devices for decades.

Completely universal in fit, including all fixed level action guards, such as handguns, rifles and SMGs. The firearm must have a trigger guard for the Combination Triggerlock to be applied. This trigger lock is compact in size, ergonomically accurate and can be easily slipped into a gun holster without interfering with the locking mechanism.


  • Protects against unauthorized use and child tampering
  • Complies with applicable laws.
  • Select your own code from 1000 combinations.
  • Set multiple Triggerlocks with the same combination.
  • Secure twist open/closed mechanism.
  • Adjustable width by using the rubber protection pads.
  • Fits all firearms including the Glock 19, 22, 23 and 27, rifles and submachine guns with total shaft length of 1 /8” (34.925 mm) for ultimate security and universal usage.
  • Used by numerous Federal, FBI, and Local Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Stops at “O” for nighttime operation.

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