Fox 40 Classic Marine Whistle, 115 dB, 3 Colours #9905

Fox 40

The flawless performance of the Fox 40 Pealess Whistle has set the stage for the Fox 40 Marine line.  Fox 40 products are the preferred choice for watercraft applications and personal safety. Wet or dry, you can depend on Fox 40 products for all of your marine safety needs.

Fox 40 Marine Products are true to the Fox 40 tradition of innovative design and engineering excellence.  They are always on duty with the extra measure of performance for which Fox 40 is famous.  Fox 40 works closely with our engineering partners to create products that comply with the rigorous standards of Safety Equipment Requirements set out by the National Coast Guards and other professional organizations.

The name Fox 40 has become synonymous with innovating and producing the best quality, most trusted pealess whistles in the world.  Fox 40 whistles come from real people, real heritage, and real passion.  Fox 40 whistles are the preferred choice for professionals and individual safety use.  Wet or dry, Fox 40 Pealess Whistles cannot be overblown and never fail.  They can be heard for miles and work in all conditions.


  • The Fox 40® Classic™ is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals and general safety worldwide
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Flawless, consistent and reliable
  • The harder you blow, the louder the sound
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown
  • Will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds
  • Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water
  • Sound will be heard up to a mile away
  • Relied on by NATO, Search & Rescue, Lifeguards, Coast Guards, and meets the SOLAS requirements
  • Volume: 115 dB
  • Weight: 0.03 kg
  • Breakaway Lanyard included
  • Made in Canada!
  • Colours
    • Red - 9905-0118
    • Orange - 9905-0318
    • Neon - 9905-1318

International Whistle Code*

  • One Blast: Where are you?
  • Two Blasts: Come to me
  • Three Blasts: I need help!

*Each blast should last 3 seconds

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